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43 essays (papers) on "Art" avaliable
Topic: Home » Art
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Art (43)
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19th Century Architecture 2 pages, 456 words
A Study of a Dionysiac Sarcophagus 5 pages, 1333 words
2 pages, 376 words
Art and technology - Schwartz & Moffat 11 pages, 2940 words
Australian Art 1930-1960 18 pages, 4990 words
Body-Life European Costume 3 pages, 777 words
Buddhist Art in Japan 7 pages, 1825 words
Celebrity Infatuation 2 pages, 460 words
Ceramics 9 pages, 2331 words
Chartres Cathedral 12 pages, 3224 words
Commedia dell'arte 4 pages, 922 words
Constructing a Revolution 7 pages, 1925 words
Contributions of Artists and Scientists to Society 1 pages, 222 words
Craft 3 pages, 587 words
Eqyptian Amulet Art 4 pages, 1115 words
Hogarth 8 pages, 2117 words
How can we measure the success of a work of art? What norms do we use? 2 pages, 309 words
Illustrations and Interpretations 1 pages, 180 words
Impressionism 9 pages, 2363 words
Jaques Louis David 7 pages, 1890 words
Jenny Saville 2 pages, 407 words
Leading a School 5 pages, 1253 words
Leoh Ming Pei & Eero Saarinen 2 pages, 538 words
Leonardo da Vinci's "The Last Supper" 8 pages, 2195 words
Manet 12 pages, 3181 words
Michelangelo 3 pages, 624 words
Middle Age Entertainers 8 pages, 1982 words
Othello as a Tragic Hero 9 pages, 2349 words
Photographic Influence on Degas Work 6 pages, 1487 words
Pierre-Auguste Renoir 2 pages, 541 words
Postimpressionism 1 pages, 75 words
Prehistoric Aegean 1 pages, 184 words
Robert Rauschenberg's Almanac 6 pages, 1412 words
Salvador Dali and M.C. Escher 2 pages, 526 words
Subway Scene 2 pages, 487 words
The Art of Advertising: Newtype USA 2 pages, 518 words
The Globe Theater 4 pages, 902 words
The History of Greek Theater 9 pages, 2442 words
The Lamb 4 pages, 1003 words
Three Architecture Styles 5 pages, 1340 words
UCLA Bus Trip 2 pages, 422 words

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